Aquapunk started off as a high school conlang experiment all the way back in 2005-ish, completing several bingo cards of "mistakes monolinguists make" along the way. As of this writing, the author is still mostly monolinguist, and is sufficiently ashamed. However, Aquapunk has survived 3 years of college, 5 moves (between states and countries), 3 career changes, and the near-death of the author's partner to lymphoma. This comic ain't over until it's over.

The Story

We follow a small group of friends and members of an underclass of warrior chattel in their attempts to find freedom - though they come away with a different definition of 'freedom' than when they first began. Along the way, they are accompanied by friends and enemies, beset by gods and politics, and discover places, in both out in the world and inside the mind, that they never knew existed.

When you dedicate your life to achieving one singular goal, only to find that it was an illusion all along, what comes next?
The Author

Hi! I'm Lo/Lannan, the iuman behind this long-running comic. I'm Chicano, a proudly practicing polytheist and animist, cat-lover, storm-watcher, container gardener, and luddite. When I'm not making comics, I'm probably painting, meditating, or working on my Jeep.

More of my art is at lofrequency.net for commercial stuff, boneblue.net for conceptual stuff, or numenarts.org for polytheist stuff.

Or, you can follow me at these other establishments: Twitter | Instagram
The Site

This site is an attempt at Selfdogfood. Aside from the comment system, this static iteration of aquapunk.co has been built by hand by me in a text editor, and is maintained the same way. None of the necessary components of the site are beyond my understanding, which makes this a form of digital self-sufficiency. HTML websites also use much less energy than comparable sites built dynamically with other languages, making this as small and lightweight as a webcomic can possibly get.